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Global Media: Dealing with EU travel portability and the Digital Single Market

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April 1st, 2018 is a very important date for video service operators with customers in the European Union. On that date, EU citizens get a new content viewing rights that affect every pay streaming service they use.

Today, when Netflix members from the UK are traveling in Spain, they can only access the Spanish Netflix catalog of content. After April 1st, they will be able to see the complete library of content available to them in the UK. The travel portability measure allows an EU citizen to access the same set of content available to them at home while traveling anywhere within the EU.

The travel portability measure affects the following types of video businesses:

  • All digital providers who offer paid online content services
  • Optionally, digital providers who offer free online content services
  • Digital content rights holders

If you have customers or partners in the EU, your content business will be affected by the travel content portability measure.

The nScreenMedia white paper details six steps a video service provider must implement to be ready for April 1stdeadline.

The white paper, which is sponsored by Geoguard, looks at how the content portability measure impacts service providers, wireless and wireline broadband providers, content rights holders, and big and small online video service providers. It also looks at the broader goals of the Digital Single Market and how it might affect the EU market for media in the coming months and years.

If you have video customers in Europe, or license content to EU providers, or are dealing with companies that do you should download this white paper today.
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