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Building a Video Business: Night Flight—A Passion for 1980s Culture

Nightflight on TV

How do you take an idea for a video service and turn it into an engaging experience and vibrant video business? In this series of short papers, we talk to service owners and their video platform providers to find out how a passion for the video content is translated into the reality of the technological environment. Each paper tells the story of the service, discusses the challenges encountered in building it, and reveals the problem solutions that paved the way to success.​

This is the second of a continuing series of papers. The whitepaper deals with how the creator of the 1980s cultural arts TV show Night Flight took the original show videotapes and built a thriving online video business around them. The paper deals with content management challenges, how to keep people subscribed, and how to keep the audience growing.

This paper is made possible by the generous contribution of Zype

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