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nScreenNoise – Will Facebook Watch be successful in 2019?

Facebook Watch has so far struggled to gain a meaningful audience. However, during Facebook’s Q4 2018 conference call, Mark Zuckerberg seemed very optimistic about its prospects in 2019. Does his optimism have merit?

Facebook watch has 400 million users

In the Q4 2018 Facebook Conference Call, Mark Zuckerberg stated that he believes ‘Watch’ will become more mainstream in 2019. According to his VP of Video, Facebook Watch has 75 million daily viewers. Each viewer spends on average 20 minutes in the feature. Facebook Watch was released a year ago in the U.S. and more recently in the rest of the worldwide.

Most users don’t know ‘Watch’ exists

According to a survey done by The Diffusion Group, only half of Facebook users have heard of ‘Watch.’ Of those that have, half have never used it and most only used it sparingly. As well, time spent watching and engagement are still far behind YouTube.

Facebook has challenges but plenty of resources

Although ‘Watch’ still has a long way to go, Facebook has the users and resources to make it successful. Their biggest challenges are the lack of available content and the lack of popularity with the young.


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