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TV Universe – UK, Sweden, and Germany: How people watch television today

Normally, studies of TV viewer behavior focus on one method of access, which makes it difficult to understand the entire market. In this new report from nScreenMedia, we examine how viewers interact with all sources of TV content: free broadcast TV, pay TV, and online TV. The report shows how many people are using each source and all the possible combinations of sources. It explores the behavior of these viewing groups and their relationships with the TV sources used.

Data were obtained from a February and March 2019 survey of TV viewers in the UK, Sweden, and Germany. Some of the information readers of the report will find include:

  • A breakdown of how many viewers are using each of the major TV sources, including combinations of sources (for example, those using free and online TV)
  • How much each viewing group watches and how much they pay
  • How each of the viewing groups finds something to watch
  • Device preferences of the online TV viewer
  • The video buying and renting behavior of TV viewers

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The report is brought to free through the generous sponsorship of Gracenote.

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