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TV in Your Pocket: Mobile video download report Q4 2019

TV in Your Pocket

Viewers today expect to be able to watch their favorite TV shows and movies when, where, and how they want. This desire for video consumption freedom is fueling the surge in online streaming. However, the reality is that a robust and reliable network connection is often unavailable.
Service providers are beginning to allow their customers to download videos to combat connectivity issues. They have every reason to do so. 59% of users in the U.S. now expect streaming services to include a download feature. Those that have the feature use it. 65% of U.S. and 78% of UK SVOD customers say they are weekly or monthly users of video downloads.
nScreenMedia and VideoNuze analyzed 80 video services in the U.S. to get a good understanding of the state of download support and functionality.  Those that support downloads were subject to a battery of tests to assess the functionality. We looked at features such as selectable quality, Wi-Fi only downloads, and auto-restart after failure. The report gives a detailed rundown of the results.

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