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TV App Developers: Devices, Partners, Models and Costs

Delivering video to all the screens a consumer users is one of the biggest challenges for anyone with content to deliver. With all the devices, platforms and OS; it is just impossible for a content provider to keep up. To meet this emerging need a new group of companies focused on TV App development has grown up. This ever-expanding group will happily take on the burden of app design, build, delivery and maintenance. They can deliver on just about every device a content provider could wish to reach, for a price!
This presents the content creator with a problem: of the many developers out there, which is the best one to work with?
This white paper is intended to help answer that question. The approach taken is to examine the capabilities and market approaches of a cross-section of developers. This analysis should illustrate the issues and questions any content owner should be aware of when embarking on an app development project.
The paper looks at 10 companies and compares their capabilities in the following areas:

  • Monetization models supported
  • Devices supported
  • Which video ecosystem partners they have integrated with
  • How they charge for their services

The paper is intended as a guide to the capabilities a content provider can expect from TV app developers. It should answer many of the initial questions about what a developer can do for anyone looking to launch or extend a multiscreen video business.

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