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Turning Pay TV into My TV: How Data and A.I. Can Boost NPS, Revenue, and Engagement

SVOD’s spectacular growth over the last ten years is built mainly on TV content. Seven of the top ten shows on Netflix in 2019 were licensed from TV programmers, including The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. Why do people watch the shows on SVOD and not on pay TV? Online providers do a better job of personalizing their experience with recommendations. Less than a quarter of pay TV subscribers are even aware their operator makes content recommendations.

However, there is room for improvement, with less than 1-in-5 of UK and German viewers believing the recommendations they see accurately reflect their tastes. Luckily, pay TV operators already have the data they need to personalize their service, and A.I. can help to make recommendations far more useful to consumers.

This paper looks at how A.I. can be used to improve the guide experience in three critical ways:

  • Deliver recommendations that better match a customer’s tastes
  • Personalize the guide layout to anticipate a customer’s needs
  • Provide a better cold-start experience for customers using on-demand for the first time.

The paper draws on real-world examples to explain how others have used A.I. to drive a 3X improvement in engagement. It also provides down-to-earth advice on what to expect from an A.I. system and where its limitations lay.

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