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T Time discusses the best TV bundle with Hub Research


In this discussion with Hub Research’s Jon Giegengack, we discuss what people’s TV bundles look like today. We also dig into what makes people happy about their bundle, what makes them sad, and what it tells us about Disney+ prospects when it releases in November.

Chapter 1: About TVOT San Francisco (0:30)

There will be some great fireside chats and panels at this year’s TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco on June 12th and 13th. For example, Colin will discuss the evolution of the TV viewing experience with Jennifer Prenner, GM and Head of Marketing, Amazon Fire TV, Google’s News Initiative with Rebekah Dopp, Principal, News and Local Media–Global Partnerships, Google, and free ad-supported TV (FAST) with a group of industry experts.

Jon Giegengack, Principal and Founder of Hub Research, joins us to discuss data from Hub’s new report, The Best Bundle.

Chapter 2: Personal TV bundles today (2:50)

Jon discusses what Hub’s latest report has to say about the services in people’s entertainment bundles. Pay TV still matters, but SVOD services have become a critical component as well.

Chapter 3: What makes people happy about their bundle? (9:15)

Is wasn’t so long ago that people’s entertainment package was their pay TV subscription. All the new services that people are using today had me wondering what made people happy about their bundles. According to Jon, it all boils down to choice.

Chapter 4: What makes people sad about their bundle? (14:15)

Having lots of choices is both a blessing and a curse. We explore some of the pitfalls of building a personal TV bundle.

Chapter 5: The role of aggregator (19:00)

Jon outlines the opportunity for SVOD aggregators like Comcast X1 and Amazon Channels.

Chapter 6: Pricing, free ad-supported, and the opportunity for Disney+ (23:25)

There are signs that people are slowing the adoption of SVOD services because of the aggregate cost. Is this an opportunity for free ad-supported? Will cost be a problem for Disney+ even though it will come to market for only $7 a month.

Chapter 7: The value of live TV in an on-demand age (29:30)

Jon says the death of live TV is exaggerated. However, he does believe that we are witnessing the death of live TV being the default viewing mode.


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