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T Time takes on Comcast and Sky, Amazon DVR, Facebook, Snapchat


Today we’re pleased to present the first episode of “T Time,” a regular podcast featuring news and analysis of the latest developments in advanced TV and video. A joint project between ITVT and nScreenMedia, “T Time” is hosted by ITVT’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, and nScreenMedia’s Founder and Chief Analyst, Colin Dixon.

As we attend conferences like the TV of Tomorrow Show, Tracy and I are lucky enough to meet interesting people from around our industry. The great conversations with these people are the inspiration for this podcast. We want to bring them to you in this podcast. To kick us off, this week it’s just Tracy and me discussing a few interesting topics in this week’s news.

Comcast’s purchase of Sky (3:00)

Comcast’s $40 billion purchase of Sky gives the cable giant a major pay TV footprint outside of the US. Will Comcast try to get Sky to move its SkyQ system to X1? What can Comcast learn from Sky’s direct-to-consumer Now TV service?

Facebook’s new video assistant (10:30)

Will people trust Facebook enough to buy the company’s new video portal product similar to Amazon’s Echo Show? After the Cambridge Analitica scandal at Facebook, it could be tough selling people on a product with a camera that can track them around the room.

Is Amazon’s Recast OTA DVR a good idea? (21:50)

Amazon announced it would release a DVR in November called the Fire TV Recast. The device comes in two flavors. The cheaper option will cost $229.99 and comes with two TV tuners and a 500GB hard drive that the company says will hold 75 hours of content. A four-tuner 1 TB version costs $50 more.

Is this a good idea for Amazon? There is lots of competition in the space and aren’t people more likely to use a vMVPD rather than fiddle with an antenna?

The Snapchat/Amazon partnership (33:50)

Snapchat have formed an alliance for interactive shopping. People can take a picture of something in a store with Snapchat. The company will use object recognition technology and link to Amazon for appropriate purchase information.



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