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Owning Input 1 The Future of the Pay TV Set-top Box and Software

For the first time pay TV operators can consider delivering service without a set-top box. However, going direct to connected devices has serious financial and business implications for the future of the business. The issue has operators divided into two quite distinct camps. The first group considers the STB an essential part of pay TV; the second sees it as a necessary evil to be jettisoned at the earliest possible moment.
After speaking with operators in the US and Europe, nScreenMedia sorts through the issues involved in this momentous decision. This white paper looks at:

  • The cost impacts of delivering pay TV without the STB
  • How serious a problem losing control of input 1 is for an operator
  • The emergence of STB software-as-a-service vendors
  • How operators are balancing the competing needs of the service with and without the STB
  • The future of the set-top box
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