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nScreenPodcast – Why building trust in a video experience is critical

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Getting people to sign-up and stay with a video service is a defining challenge for many providers. Jessica d’Ardenne of DAZN explains why trust is critical and why allowing people to pause their subscription is a good idea.

Jessica D'ardenne DAZNI recorded this interview with Jessica d’Ardenne, Director of Product, Web, Acquisition, and Retention, at DAZN, live in front of the audience attending Knect365’s OTT TV World Summit on November 28th.

Chapter 1: About DAZN (0:50)

DAZN is a premier sports app bringing many different sports to engaged fans. At DAZN, Jess focuses on the sign-up and retention pipelines of the user interface.

Chapter 2: Making the first contact with DAZN great (1:30)

Jess talks about how to cater to the user when they first arrive at the DAZN website or start the app. The process is different depending upon where in the world a user is and for what they came. The first page must solve all these problems. She provides specific, clear examples of how to engage a new from the very first contact. She also explains why trust is so important.

Chapter 3: Getting people to sign-up (5:30)

Jess explains why the sign-up process needs to be as invisible as possible and requires an understanding of what a normal process looks like for each customer. Unfortunately, the norms are different in each country DAZN operates. Jess provides some specific examples for the Japanese market and contrasts it with Germany.

Chapter 4: On cancelation and retention (9:30)

Many of the sports provided by DAZN have defined seasons. At the end of the season, it is very common for someone to cancel their subscription. Jess describes how the service deals with that by providing a “pause” option for a subscription.

Chapter 5: Dealing with fraud (12:50)

Jess explains that it is necessary to validate a payment method before accepting someone into a free trial. However, getting flagged for fraud by a credit card company is quite common and often in error. Therefore, it is important to tread carefully when dealing with a customer flagged for fraud. If they are legitimate, the accusation of fraud could drive them away forever.

Chapter 6: How to optimize sign-ups (14:45)

Jess explains why adding friction into the signup journey can improve signup rate. She also discusses how even tiny changes in the interface can have big impacts on the bottom line of the company. Multi-variant testing is a key tool that helps.


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