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nScreenPodcast – Pluto TV tapping untapped markets

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Linear TV is getting a new lease on life online. Part of the formula for success is the ability to address markets that aren’t economically viable in traditional television. The managing director of Pluto TV explains how the company is tapping into those untapped markets.

Olivier Jollet Pluto TV

Olivier Jollet, Pluto TV

I recorded this interview with Olivier Jollet, Managing Director of Pluto TV in Europe, live in front of the audience attending Knect365’s OTT TV World Summit on November 28th.

Chapter 1: About Pluto TV (1:00)

Pluto TV is an OTT linear TV streaming service. It is available in the U.S. and is expanding into the European market.

Chapter 2: Isn’t linear TV dead? (2:00)

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’ Head of Content, said that he had seen the future and it’s not linear TV. What does that mean for a streamed linear TV service like Pluto TV? It’s all about dwell-time.

Chapter 3: How to program the channels (4:50)

Some linear streaming services are using artificial intelligence to program online linear channels. Pluto TV doesn’t do it this way. The human touch allows the company to create unique channels blending content from traditional and non-traditional content sources.

Chapter 4: Pluto TV as an advertising platform (6:20)

The unique feature of Pluto TV is that it combines the power of television with the measurement and targeting of digital. This combination unlocks hidden value linear delivery. For example, traditional TV can’t create a viable business model for niche programming. Pluto TV can.

Chapter 5: Creating a mass-market ad product from niche content (9:30)

Pluto TVs unique approach allows it to leverage many niche channels of content to create a mass-market advertising product.

Chapter 6: How Pluto TV leverages user data (12:20)

Even without a consumer logging into the app, Pluto TV can still derive much behavioral information about them.

Chapter 7: Distribution strategies (13:40)

Pluto TV has two primary distribution methods. Of course, Pluto TV has an app available on most connected devices. However, the channels are also available on some CE platforms, like smart TVs.


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