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nScreenPodcast – Hopster winning the pre-school audience

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Hopster is a service for pre-school children. In this interview with the company’s CEO, he details how the company overcomes the challenge of marketing to parents while appealing to kids. He also discusses the services originals strategy and why attracting too many customers might be a problem.

Nick Walters Hopster

Nick Walters Hopster

I recorded this interview with Nick Walters, CEO of Hopster, live in front of the audience attending Knect365’s OTT TV World Summit on November 28th.

Chapter 1: About Hopster (0:35)

Hopster focuses on pre-school aged children helping them learn through the stories they love. Nick outlines the company’s distribution strategy and major market partners.

Chapter 2: How to build a digital audience (1:40)

otttvws logo 2018Nick discusses the major differences between traditional video and digital distribution. We discuss the differences in marketing strategy for a TV channel and a digital platform like Hopster. Critical to the services success is understanding the parents, who are mostly millennials and targeting the values they want to pass on to their children.

Chapter 3: The difference between a core audience and total market (5:00)

There is a core set of parents that will seek out services like Hopster. However, the success of the service depends upon it reaching beyond this group to attract people that didn’t know they wanted the service.

Chapter 4: On the difference in usage between screens (8:00)

Kids use mobile devices and connected TVs. However, Nick says they engage with the service differently depending on the screen.  He provides some detailed usage data for the two screens.

Chapter 5: Hopster’s originals strategy (12:00)

Nick discusses the company’s YouTube strategy. The company spends more money than most YouTube producers do. However, it focuses its spending very differently.

Chapter 6: How the marketing budget is allocated (15:30)

A member of the audience asked Nick how he allocated his marketing budget. He details the platforms where most of his marketing budget goes. He also talks about what the company is trying to achieve with this strategy. Specifically, he discusses the difference between acquiring customers at any cost versus focusing sharply on lifetime value. He also details how the company measures campaign performance.

Chapter 7: Dealing with aging-out users (18:50)

One of the unique things about Hopster is that its audience naturally grows out of the service. Is there anything that Hopster can do about this?


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