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Wurl is helping video providers distribute their VOD content as a linear channel to any device type or video aggregator. Its also helping them participate to big-budget ad campaign inaccessible to them before.

Chapter 1: The essence of Wurl (0:20)

In this interview with Wurl CEO Sean Doherty, he explains how a custom project connecting one content producer with one aggregation network turned into a new approach to video content distribution online.

Chapter 2: VOD to linear ad-supported channels (4:00)

Mr. Doherty explains how Wurl creates the linear channels from a provider’s on-demand assets. He also explains how the distribution endpoints expanded to include traditional TV providers.

Chapter 3: Aggregation targeted ad sales (6:10)

One of the challenges for smaller providers is providing the scale that big advertisers want. Wurl helps smaller providers participate in bigger campaigns. It also delivers the targeting attribution that advertisers desire.


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  1. Wurl has absolutely the right approach to video going forward. We call it VOD Nirvana and are encouraging clients to rethink how they deliver video.

    The linked article was published in VideoNuze a couple of months ago. Since then we’ve done more research on the potential benefits of VOD based delivery to linear video distributors.

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