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nScreenNoise – What OTT providers did in 2018, what they want in 2019

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I spoke with the CCO of Simplestream about what types of services his customers delivered this year and what they want to get done in 2019.

Chapter 1: Major themes for online video services in 2018 (0:30)

According to Dan Finch, Chief Commercial Officer at Simplestream, Free-to-air broadcasters were looking for better distribution in 2018. Many launched hybrid TV services, combining linear and catch up TV in online apps.

Another big trend his company saw was a new approach to linear delivery online. Providers embraced asset workflows that allowed them to duplicate linear experiences online and take full advantage of new ad insertion technologies. The ability to insert targeted ads in pre-roll and mid-roll breaks was particularly important for them.

Chapter 2: What will service providers want in 2019? (3:20)

Mr. Finch expects many more hybrid services from broadcasters in the coming year. He also expects many VOD-in-box deployments. VOD-in-a-Box is Simplestream’s solution for accelerated delivery of new online video services. He is especially enthusiastic about the opportunities for markets like Africa. Developing regions are embracing technologies that allow them to cope with limited last mile bandwidth.


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