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nScreenNoise – vMVPD price rises will keep coming

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Hulu boosted the price of its Live channel service by 11% this week. YouTube TV boosted availability of its service but not the price, though that will surely come. Here’s why the price increases will keep on coming.

Chapter 1: Hulu boosts Live cost, lowers basic (0:36)

Hulu boosted the price of my subscription to Live + reduced ads by 16%, or $7, to $50.99 a month. Hulu basic subscribers saw prices fall. I explain the pricing changes.

I also discuss why Hulu was forced to increase the cost of its Live service so much.

Chapter 2: YouTube TV covers 98% of U.S. (3:18)

YouTube TV announced it added coverage for 95 new markets this week. I explain the changes and why the service represents much better value than Hulu Live. However, I also detail why YouTube TV is losing money on every single subscriber.

Chapter 3: The short and long-term consequences (5:10)

In the short term, YouTube TV and Hulu will continue to gain subs, though Hulu Live’s growth will likely stall.

I also discuss what to expect in the longer term.


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