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There are only three million vMVPD subscribers in the US. However, the services are wielding far more influence on the market than this number would suggest. Here’s how Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and Fubo TV are changing the game.

Chapter 1: vMVPDs save pay TV from an ugly loss (0:30)

Kagan says pay TV lost 976,000 subscribers in Q2 2017. The loss would have been much worse if Sling TV and DirecTV Now had been excluded from the numbers. Without them, the traditional pay TV industry would have lost 1.8 million subscribers in the first half of 2017. This is the biggest half-yearly loss the industry has ever experienced.

Chapter 2: vMVPDs not such a good deal for cable channels (1:40)

Ampere Analysis says that cable channels might get a better deal from vMVPDs than traditional pay TV operators. It bases this assertion on the fact that traditional pay TV operators generate $0.23/channel and vMVPDs $0.59/channel. I’m not so sure. Bundle deals, minority channel exposure, and more headroom to absorb license fee increases might make traditional cable a better bet.

Chapter 3: Fubo TV leverages TV Everywhere for differentiation (5:10)

Fubo TV is all-in on TV Everywhere support. It just added CBS channels to the service. Fubo TV subscribers can now access CBS TV Everywhere apps like the CBS Sports app using their Fubo TV credentials. 35 of Fubo TV channels allow TV Everywhere access, including the just-added NBC channels. Why aren’t other vMVPDs offering TV Everywhere access to partner channels?


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