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BTI Studios and iYuno Media announced their merger at IBC 2019. Chris Carey, the Chief Revenue Officer of the combined company, discusses the opportunity he sees for video localization in the era of peak global media. He also explains why localization is more than translation and dubbing and how AI is revolutionizing the business.

Chapter 1: About iYuno Media (0:30)

Mr. Carey explains that the combination of BTI Studios and iYuno Media gives the combined company global reach and creates one of the largest localization companies in the world. The merger was necessary to handle worldwide distribution companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They are not only providing services around the world but also doing production in many countries.

Chapter 2: The global market and localization (1:40)

Worldwide hits such as The Rain, which was a Denmark production in Danish, emphasize the challenge for global distributors. Once released on the Netflix service, it can be delivered instantly around the world. That means it also must be localized for every region simultaneously.

Chapter 3: Localization is much more than dubbing and subtitling (3:50)

iYuno provides dubbing and subtitling services. However, it also provides closed captioning and narration services. Mr. Carey explains why these additional video localization services are necessary. All of them combine to ensure each piece of content is speaking to the audience in their native tongue. iYuno packages all of the assets together and delivers them in the form required by the customer.

Chapter 4: How AI/ML is revolutionizing localization (5:30)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are already in use by iYuno to optimize the process of localization. Today, the company already has customers using machine-assisted services. Mr. Carey explains some of the new ways iYuno is exploring to leverage AI/ML in some of its other services.


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