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In this interview with Bhavesh Vaghela, CEO of Paywizard, he shares survey data that shows video operators are only just beginning their quest for a great customer experience.

Chapter 1: Three experience problems for video providers (0:40)

Mr. Vaghela says they fielded a survey in the US, UK, and the Philippines to better understand the impact of customer journey on customer perception of a video service. The survey found that operators place far too much focus on getting customers onboard, and not enough on what happens once they sign up.

In the online video world, the top three issues consumer had with their services were:

  • Poor billing
  • How to cancel service
  • How to contact the service provider.

Mr. Vaghela says these were top three issues pay TV customers had with their pay TV provider too.

Chapter 2: When a customer leaves they are still a customer! (3:00)

Both Mr. Vaghela and I agree that churn is not a relevant measure for online video services because subscriber acquisitions costs are so low. He believes that when a customer quits an online video site the operator should still think of them as a customer, they are just not paying for the service anymore. Viewed in this light, delivering a bad experience in the cancellation experience could be counterproductive. A bad cancellation experience could tarnish the services brand making it less likely the customers will come back again.

Chapter 3: Operators need a broader mindset (3:55)

Mr. Vaghela believes operators need a broader mindset. Though content is important the overall service experience is likely more influential as to whether a customer stays or leaves. He says that customers are most at risk of leaving a video service in the first three months they become a subscriber. He says operators are focused on getting subscribers in the door, not getting them through the first three months.

Chapter 4: More focus on the customer journey is required (4:50)

The overall survey findings suggest there is too little focus on the whole video customer journey. Mr. Vaghela says that most video operators he has spoken with say they want an excellent experience. Unfortunately, these same operators are only just starting out on the journey to create it. For example, some of the operators were struggling with the basics, such as customer segmentation and data analysis.


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