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In this interview with Chris Carey, Chief Strategy Officer at Verizon Digital Media Services, he discusses how the company has been able to scale to the delivery of 50,000+ live events in 2018. He also talks about the approached used to deliver targeted ads in live streams to NFL sized audiences.

Chapter 1: Growth in live streams (0:37)

Last year, Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) delivered 40,000 live events. At the time, Mr. Carey predicted that the company would carry 50,000 and he says VDMS is on target to exceed that total by “quite a bit.”

Chapter 2: Improvements in live performance (1:13)

On any given day, VDMS can be delivering 600 live events, with 50-60 running concurrently. The company has established teams and internal procedures that allow it to scale to the level required to guarantee great performance.

Also, VDMS has decreased latency, how far behind the live event the stream is. The company is now able to deliver with a delay of 30 seconds, without compromising key features such as server-side ad insertion and high video quality.

Chapter 3: SSAI at scale (2:20)

It is very difficult to do targeted ads in live streams. With large audiences and only seconds to make all the ad calls, the ad decisioning system (ADS) can quickly become overwhelmed. VDMS can handle all the ad calls while maintaining broadcast quality. It prevents ad-serving solutions such as SpotX becoming overwhelmed by prefetching the ads. Making an early start to the ad resolution process paces the ad calls so SpotX has time to resolve them all.

VDMS also encodes and stores the ads as the ADS returns them. Multiple ad calls frequently result in the need for the same ad. If the ad is already loaded, it can be instantly inserted. The process helps guarantee the quality of the stream and lowers the load on the ADS.

Chapter 4: VDMS powers NFL streaming (3:40)

Yahoo Sports is streaming Thursday night NFL games this season. VDMS handles the delivery of the game to the millions of viewers.


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