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In this interview with Chris Carey, Chief Revenue Officer at Verizon Digital Media Services, he discusses the growth in live streaming, getting to TV reliability, and why it is important sometimes to insert an ad manually.

Chapter 1: Live video continues strong growth (0:32)

Live events online have been growing steadily over the last several years. However, live streaming has now begun to drive online video traffic growth. VDMS delivered 45,000 live events and 2.5 billion streaming hours in 2017. This year the company is on pace to reach 60,000 live events.

Chapter 2: Getting to TV reliability (2:05)

Over-the-top must achieve TV reliability to satisfy both viewers and content publisher. VDMS is taking all the broadcast monitoring and compliance tools and bringing them to the online video environment. The company has a full suite of over-the-top tools to ensure the delivery and performance of many features required for live streaming, including subtitles, captions,  and ads.

Mr. Carey says the tools were used to ensure the quality of several major sporting events for which the company had delivery responsibilities. These include MLB’s World Series, the NBA finals, NCAA championship, and the Super Bowl.

Chapter 3: Ad support (4:10)

VDMS has always provided dynamic server-side ad insertion (SSAI) as part of its streaming platform. SSAI is fully integrated with the online ad ecosystem. Oath brings together the AOL and Yahoo monetization platforms, which allows VDMS to offer these facilities to its clients.

Chapter 4: Automated and on-demand ad insertion support (4:47)

The live event platform provides full ad automation facilities to drive scheduled ad breaks. However, it also allows an ad to be inserted manually, on-demand. In live sports, there are frequently unscheduled breaks when a player is injured, or a play is under review. The VDMS platform allows for the manual insertion of ads during these game breaks.


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