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nScreenNoise – The U.S. TV market in 2025

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What will the U.S. TV market be like in six years? I look at three forecasts for 2025 that suggest the pay TV and TV advertising markets will undergo a radical transformation.

2025 data point #1: 71% (0:42)

New data from Grabyo indicates that most Americans will not have a pay TV subscription by 2025. Moreover, if you think that is just too big a change in too short a time, we are already more than halfway there!

2025 data point #2: 307 million (1:30)

The second data point comes from Digital TV Research. The company says U.S. SVOD subscriptions will increase 199 million over the next six years. What’s more, the company may be undercounting dramatically if one of pay TV’s primary anchors moves online in a big way.

2025 data point #3: 48 million (2:36)

Digital TV Research paints a rosy picture of the future for Disney. The company believes Disney+ plus will ascend to the number three spot by 2025. Netflix will still be king, but the gap between the companies will have narrowed significantly.

2025: The bottom line (3:24)

Looking at the data from Grabyo and Digital TV Research, massive structural change is in the works for US TV 2025 and for the pay TV and TV advertising markets. It also explains the feeding frenzy over free ad-supported TV (FAST) services like Pluto TV and Xumo.

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