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The TV industry has an identity crisis. TV is only a small part of what it does. It’s time for a new name, but what should it be?

Chapter 1: TV’s identity crisis (0:30)

On average, US consumers watch 400 minutes per week of video on their connected devices. Users of connected TVs watch 505 minutes per week, and smartphone video viewers watch 51 minutes per week. Our video diet is only partly comprised of traditional television, and some groups don’t give TV any respect at all. GenZ kids say they wouldn’t rely solely on television set, they’d rather use their smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Chapter 2: TV content providers deliver online originals (2:10)

In reaction to this, traditional television content creators are making originals specifically for connected devices. Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN are on Snapchat. CBSN is a 24-hour news channel for Internet users. Even Disney is creating web originals for its YouTube channels.

Chapter 3: Mobile co-opts TV (3:15)

Mobile operators are co-opting television content to help attract people to their networks. T-mobile doesn’t count usage of over 100 SVOD services against its mobile data cap. Verizon exempts FIOS TV, and NFL games from caps. AT&T exempts DirecTV Now usage from caps on its mobile network.

Chapter 4: TV not the gold standard for quality (4:25)

Television isn’t even the gold standard for video viewing. SVOD providers like Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon are the only places that many people can watch UHD and HDR content today.

Chapter 5: We don’t call it TV anymore (4:50)

When we speak about watching video, we don’t even use the word television anymore. We talk about watching services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. We talk about watching specific shows. We don’t talk about watching TV much anymore.

Chapter 6: A new name for TV (5:35)

We need a new name for TV. What should it be? I propose the Screen Media Industry. Can you come up with something better?


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