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nScreenNoise – blutv takes Turkish TV to global success

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Building a successful SVOD surface can be challenging in the face of global competitors like Netflix and Amazon. Turkish SVOD service blutv is finding success at home and abroad by leveraging originals and luring a large number of free YouTube viewers behind the pay wall.

This interview with Alptug Copuroglu, CFO and Head of Business Development for bluTV, was recorded at Connected TV World Summit in London March 28th, 2019.

Chapter 1: About blutv (0:20)

Mr. Copuroglu introduces the bluTV platform.

Chapter 2: How blutv sparked growth (1:10)

Blutv launched in 2016 but achieved only quite modest growth at first. Mr. Copuroglu believed the service could do much better and the company began to invest in originals to spark growth.

Chapter 2: Getting a YouTube audience to pay (1:30)

Millions of people were watching an original production by blutv for free on the service’s official YouTube channel. Mr. Copuroglu describes how blutv was able to get many of the free viewers to follow the show to the subscription-based bluTV.

Chapter 3: Capitalizing on Turkish TV international appeal (3:00)

Turkish TV has achieved amazing success around the world. Turkish soap operas are very popular, particularly in Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina. The sale of Turkish TV is estimated to be worth $350 million annually. Blutv is moving to capitalize on this popularity by launching a global version of the service targeting Turkish-speaking people around the world. There will also be a Spanish version later this year targeting the lucrative Latin American market.

Chapter 4: Working with Amazon Channels (3:20)

Mr. Copuroglu talks about the opportunities and challenges presented by working with Amazon Channels.


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