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Discovery founder John Hendricks thinks the SVOD market is like cable in the mid-eighties. Here’s how he sees the market shaking out and the role he sees for his SVOD service CuriosityStream.

Chapter 1: How SVOD today is like cable in the ‘80s (0:20)

There are some parallels between cable TV’s development in the mid-eighties and how SVOD is growing today.

Chapter 2: Four major categories, six big players (2:00)

Mr. Hendricks sees the SVOD battles taking place in four broad categories, and he also sees six major services surviving the intense battle for consumer subscription dollars.

Chapter 3: How CuriosityStream will dominate factual programming (3:00)

CuriosityStream just received a huge round of financing. How does it plan to deploy the money and what will be the services strategic approach to dominating the factual category?

Chapter 4: Can lightning strike twice? ()

Mr. Hendricks made Discovery into the fifth most popular channel. Can he make CuriosityStream a must-have service to which virtually everyone will subscribe?


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