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What features does an SVOD video platform need to make a direct-to-consumer video service successful? The EVP of Business Development at Pure Flix tells us what he needed, how he got it, and how well it is delivering.

On November 21st at 11 AM, nScreenMedia will host a free webinar entitled Driving D2C Scale and Efficiency: How Pure Flix retooled its video platform for success. I will be interviewing Marc Beckwitt, Executive Vice President – Business Development at Pure Flix, about the company’s recent video platform upgrade. In this video interview, we preface the discussion by examining some of the motivations behind the platform upgrade. Pure Flix technology partners Wicket Labs, 24i, and Comcast Technology Solutions will join us for the webinar to provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to retool a video platform for success.

Chapter 1: About Pure Flix (0:30)

Pure Flix has a long history stretching back over 15 years. It shifted to streaming earlier in this decade and more recently upgraded its technical solution with the help of 24i, Wicket Labs, and Comcast Technology Solutions.

Chapter 2: Why Pure Flix upgraded its video platform (2:00)

For Pure Flix, the upgrade was all about reaching more customers. That meant addressing multiple devices and achieving a greater scale.

Chapter 3: What distinguishes the new Pure Flix video experience (3:30)

The new video platform fully supports all the features that customers expect in a D2C service. Most importantly, however, the platform delivers a consistent experience to subscribers.

Chapter 4: How Pure Flix is using the data to improve the service (4:20)

Data is used extensively by Pure Flix in the management and delivery of the service. Mr. Beckwitt singled out Wicket Labs’ Customer Happiness Index (CHI) as being very helpful. He promised to expand on the benefits of using CHI in the webinar on the 21st.

Chapter 5: The competitiveness of the Pure Flix service (5:00)

With so many big content names entering the D2C market, I asked Mr. Beckwitt how he felt about his SVOD video platform in such a competitive market.

Join us on November 21st at 11 AM Pacific Time to hear the full story of the Pure Flix video platform.


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