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nScreenNoise – SVOD users aren’t free trial abusers

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In this interview recorded at NAB 2019, nScreenMedia discusses the number of video services UK and US streamers have, free-trial abuse, and how credit card problems are an epidemic problem for the industry.

This interview between nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon and Akamai’s Tara Bartley was recorded by AkamaiTV at NAB 2019. It draws heavily upon new research from the report Keep My Customer: Why Consumers Subscribe To, Stay With, Cancel, and Come Back to Online Video Services.

Chapter 1: Video service subscriptions and tenure (0:55)

Mr. Dixon explains how many video services UK and US video streamers have. He also reveals how long they have had their longest subscribed service.

Chapter 2: Virtual MVPD’s market impact (3:00)

Virtual MVPDs in the US, like Sling TV and DirecTV Now, have made a significant impact on the market. Mr. Dixon presents data highlighting the influence vMVPDs are having on the video market.

Chapter 3: How many buy Amazon video add-ons (4:20)

Amazon allows Prime Video users to purchase video service add-ons from providers like CBS All Access and Showtime. Mr. Dixon presents new data which reveals just how successful Amazon’s Channels program has been in the UK and US.

Chapter 4: Involuntary SVOD cancellations (6:07)

SVOD providers are losing money because their customers are having problems managing their credit cards. Mr. Dixon discusses the extent of the problem and what service providers can do about it.

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