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Do SVOD free trials work to recruit new subscribers? And should you offer them and risk content theft by free trial abusers? We answer both these questions in this short video.

Chapter 1: Are free trials effective? (0:30)

New Parks Associates data suggests that SVOD free trials are effective at recruiting new subscribers to the service. I discuss the data and some of the other ways that services get people to sign up.

Chapter 2: How many people abuse free trial offers? (2:08)

Many operators are fearful that free trials are just an invitation for people to steal content. They worry many people sign up for the trial, binge on content and then bolt from the service before they are asked to make their first payment.

nScreenMedia surveyed SVOD users in the UK and US:

“In the last year, have you signed up for a free trial of an online video service and then canceled before your first payment?”

The results show that some people are free trial abusers. However, there is no reason to fear they will ruin an SVOD business.

Chapter 3: How to get free research on subscription behavior (3:30)

The nScreenMedia report discussed in this video is available for free download from the website:

Keep my customer: Why consumers subscribe to, stay with, cancel, and come back to online video services

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