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nScreenNoise – One service to rule all SVOD? Competition will save the day

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There is a danger one company could end up deciding which SVOD services we watch and which we do not. The defense against such an eventuality is competition, which is finally arriving.

Chapter 1: Specter of single gate-keeper for SVOD (0:20)

For the past 50 years, pay TV has decided which channels we can watch and which we can’t. Unfortunately, there is a danger that a single online provider could end up in the same position with SVOD services. Listen to this segment to understand why Amazon Channels could be the single, dominant aggregator of SVOD.

Chapter 2: Apple wants to compete with Amazon Channels (2:20)

Insiders say that Apple is ready to step into the role of SVOD aggregator for its 700+ million iOS device users. It is modifying its TV App and adding original content to do so. To understand what it is doing listen to this chapter.

Chapter 3: Hulu wants to compete with Amazon Channels (3:30)

Hulu sees its role evolving from an aggregator of content in its services to becoming a reseller of other SVOD services. It is already doing this for premium cable channels. Fortunately, from the perspective of SVOD aggregation, it expects to expand this role in 2019. Though it reaches far fewer consumers than Apple, in many ways, it is better positioned to sell partner SVOD subscriptions. To understand why listen to this segment.

Chapter 4: We need more competitors in SVOD aggregation (5:35)

It is very important that many competitors for the role of SVOD aggregator enter the market. Competition is the best way to guarantee that consumers have maximum choice and providers have an open and fair market.


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