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STIRR is a new free ad-supported TV (FAST) service from Sinclair media. The nationwide service is helping local TV re-engage with their audience in the online world.

This interview with Adam Ware, GM of STIRR at Sinclair Broadcast Group was recorded at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco. Mr. Ware discusses how STIRR is helping local broadcast TV track and monetize the audience as it migrates to the online viewing world.

Chapter 1: About STIRR (0:50)

Sinclair launched STIRR at the beginning of 2019. It provides a bundle of on-demand and TV channels offered free ad-supported to viewers throughout the US. The service is led by local TV programming content, with a sharp focus on live local TV news and weather. The service provides 30 or live channels in a variety of genres. It has live local television available in 79 TV markets.

Chapter 2: Connected TV is the primary platform (2:50)

Mr. Ware gives specific data to illustrate the importance of the connected TV in supporting how viewers want to watch the content. He also details how much viewing comes from local providers.

Chapter 3: STIRR performance and the future of the service (4:00)

Mr. Ware says that the STIRR audience is growing fast and is using the service in a similar way to traditional television. He also says STIRR will continue to add content and local TV stations to broaden the reach and deepen the engagement.



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