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Comcast has just added three ESPN sports services to its X1 platform. College sports and soccer fans will appreciate the effort, but they still need to head to the web for all the games.

Chapter 1: New ESPN streaming sports on X1 (0:30)

Comcast has reached an agreement with ESPN to ESPN3, ACCN Extra, and SEC Network to the X1 experience. Subscribers to Comcast broadband and X1 will be able to stream 150 live games and 5,000 live events over the next year. The streaming services can be searched using the X1 voice remote and games and events are fully integrated into all appropriate display.

While the channels include many college sports, they do not provide access to all the league games available.

Chapter 2: Not a complete picture (1:37)

For fans of NCAA Women’s Soccer, some games appear on ACCN, available through X1, and some appear only on ESPN+. ESPN+ requires a separate subscription and is only available directly from ESPN online. Similarly, some UEFA Nations League soccer games are available on ESPN3, others on ESPN+.

Fans of these sports cannot find and watch all the games of interest from Comcast X1. Worse, if they search in X1 for a game and can’t find it they may think it isn’t available when, in fact, it is.

Chapter 3: Watch ESPN provides the complete view (3:17)

The only way to find all the games available to watch is through Watch ESPN online. Here an NCAA or UEFA fan can search and find how to watch all the games available from ESPN. Moreover, while someone is searching on the web, they can go ahead and watch all the games through Watch ESPN as well. X1 subscribers can authenticate with their Comcast credentials and watch the games on ESPN3 and ACCN Extra on Watch ESPN. They can also watch the ESPN+ games if they have a subscription.


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