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Sandvine’s The Mobile Internet Phenomena Report shows the mobile services driving the most Internet bandwidth. Turns out social video sites are among the biggest offenders. In this video we look at the top users and some newcomers.

35% of all worldwide mobile traffic is from YouTube

It should not come as a surprise that video is driving the most mobile network traffic. The biggest contributor to this traffic, however, is YouTube. Over a third of all mobile bandwidth is being used by the social video giant. It is the highest bandwidth user in every region. Netflix is far behind.

Snapchat is #2 in Mobile Bandwidth use

Although investors have been bullish on Snapchat for the past few months, the social media app came in at #2. Despite losing users to Instagram ‘Stories’, Snapchat remains a very engaging platform with the youth. It is especially popular in the Middle East, where Snap and Whatsapp are frequently used for messaging.

Tik Tok was the biggest surprise

The biggest surprise of the report was Tik Tok. After being available for less than a year it has amassed over 251 million monthly users and was the most downloaded from the app store in October 2018. The short form video application is used by the very young and could be considered a  replacement for the now defunct Vine. With so many similarities it is unclear whether this new app will suffer a similar fate, but for the moment it is growing rapidly.


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