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In this interview with Simplestream Chief Commercial Officer Dan Finch, he discusses a new linear TV service that launched with ten live channels in just ten weeks. The solution used is almost completely hosted in the cloud.

Chapter 1: Delivering a live linear service in 10 weeks (0:20)

Mr. Finch describes a recent project to launch a live linear service for a wireless and fiber network operator in Iceland called Nova. The video service was launched ten weeks after the agreement was signed. The service includes ten live channels, with automated 7-day catch-up services for all channels.

Chapter 2: Cloud services solution (1:40)

Nova’s video service is hosted almost completely in the cloud. Apart from the video encoders, located in Nova’s facility in Iceland, everything in the service runs on Amazon Web Services. Simplestream manages the service for Nova, including remotely controlling the onsite video encoders.

Chapter 3: VOD-in-a-box (3:00)

Simplestream’s VOD-in-a-box solution allows anyone with a set of interesting on-demand content to launch an SVOD service quickly. The company has successfully launched six new customers in 6 months, with four more to come before the end of the year. The platform is a shared code base, so all services use it benefit from improvements. Mr. Finch says that a service can launch in as little as four weeks.


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