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nScreenNoise – Why Roku is a bellwether for the internet TV industry

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Roku’s Q3 2019 was another good one, driven by a leading presence in two exploding markets. Here’s why the company has become a bellwether for the entire Internet TV industry, and why you should be tracking its progress.

Chapter 1: Roku has a strong Q3 2019 (0:52)

Roku increased active accounts by 36% over Q3 2018, ARPU by 30%, and time spent streaming per day per active account jumped 22%.

Chapter 2: The leading connected TV OS (2:02)

Roku is the leading connected TV platform in the U.S. Although it shares the market for sticks and boxes with Amazon Fire TV, about a third of smart TV shipped in the first half of the year were powered by Roku. Roku users spend much more time streaming than others using a different TV OS.

In other words, Roku is the bellwether for the connected TV industry.

Chapter 3: Leader in ad-supported premium streaming (3:02)

Roku is also a leading provider of ad-supported viewing online. The Roku Channel is among the top channels on the platform. It has also increased the amount of content available dramatically and added new genres of content. Ad revenue earned by the company has risen significantly over the last year.

It is also a bellwether for Ad-supported streaming.

Chapter 4: Why you need to follow Roku’s performance (4:27)

So, Roku is a leading mover in two exploding markets: connected TV, ad-supported streaming. It also benefits greatly from the shift away from traditional TV and toward streaming. The shift toward streaming is liable to accelerate in 2020 as huge TV and movie content providers join the market.

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