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Jeffrey Katzenberg’s mobile-first video service continues to dribble out information on the services. This week, we learned it would be mobile only, with no supported for connected TV. The move could make the Quibi long-shot service even longer!

Chapter 1: Quibi’s mobile features (0:32)

Jeffrey Katzenberg hopes getting top Hollywood talent to produce movies in a series of 10 mins episodes is the key to winning over the 25-34-year-olds. The subscription and ad-supported service will provide uniquely mobile features, including support for horizontal and vertical video formats.

Mr. Katsenberg has been open about the fact that he thinks the Quibi service is a long-shot but managed to attract a billion in investment anyway.

Chapter 2: Not mobile first, mobile only! (2:40)

This week, a Quibi source said:

“There was a time when the company was exploring a mobile-first strategy by being available on TV devices. Now it’s mobile-only.”

New data from eMarketer suggests the mobile-only approach could be a good one. The data shows that US adults spend more time on their smartphones than watching television.  However, very little of the smartphone time is spent watching videos. Social media is viewed 4-times longer than video on mobile.

Quibi must compete not only with other video providers but also with very popular social media for time on the smartphone.

Chapter 3: No TV support a terrible idea (5:08)

Few consumers use one screen. What’s more, the target audience for Quibi loves the connected TV. It is the second favorite screen behind the smartphone. As well, young people love to binge watch. The television is the preferred screen for binge-viewing sessions.

The simple fact is, people use multiple screens and artificially restricting them to one screen will be a big negative for Quibi. So, the Quibi long-shot just got even longer.


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