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Pluto TV

Pluto TV made news last year when British satellite broadcaster Sky invested $500,000 in the company, and followed up by participating in a $13M series A round investment with U.S. Ventures and UTC. Why all the interest in LA based Pluto TV? The company brings a uniquely 21st century flavor to the 20th century linear television model.

With the major video sites like Netflix providing their content exclusively on-demand, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the age of linear television delivery was on the way out. Not so according Tom Ryan, Found and CEO of Pluto TV. At the DEW conference last week he said:

It’s true that lots of shows that have traditionally been appointment based are perfect for on-demand viewing. However, the majority of viewing time is with the TV on and running in the background, not specifically appointment based.”

This way of watching television has been largely ignore by the web. That’s where Pluto TV comes in.

In this interview with Tom Ryan, Founder and CEO of Pluto TV, he discusses the company’s unique way of taking separate web videos and stitching them together into a seamless TV channel experience.  He discusses how Pluto TV partners with content companies to leverage their content and how advertising originally sold against the content is handled. He also talks about the opportunity to deliver service to connected TVs and why the company is happy to fulfill the role as “ambient TV” provider in consumer homes.

Time: 7.05


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