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CandW discuss how the PGA boosted TV fees and is helping save ESPN

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We look at how the PGA managed to negotiate a 75% increase in TV license fees with a declining audience. Disney is leveraging the PGA Tour app to keep the growth coming at ESPN+ and restore luster to the brand.

Chapter 1: PGA Tour license fee coup (2:26)

The PGA managed to negotiate a massive increase in license fees from the TV broadcasters. Will talks over the details of the increase and wonders how the PGA managed it with a declining audience.

Chapter 2: ESPN recoups lost homes (11:40)

Disney secured the rights to the PGA Tour app for ESPN+. Although we don’t know how much it paid, it certainly seems to be part of a winning strategy that has righted the sinking ESPN ship. We look at how digital has come to the rescue of the ESPN brand.

Chapter 3: The impact of bundles on ESPN+ (18:00)

ESPN+ is included in the Disney bundle with Disney+ and Hulu. Will thinks that strategy has likely had a significant positive impact on ESPN+ too.

Chapter 4: A strategy for the future (20:00)

The shift in ESPN strategy puts the brand in an excellent position for growth regardless of the performance of pay TV.

Chapter 5: The importance of vMVPDs in ESPN’s recovery (22:40)

Will thinks Disney’s move to ESPN in vMVPD bundles was a masterstroke, at a time when many other cable executes were boycotting the services.


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