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There is plenty of vital OTT video data in TiVo’s new Video Trends Report. For example, we are using more video services than ever before, and as many watch OTT video for 1+ hours a day as live TV. However, the biggest revelation is that more people find something new to watch on Netflix than from the hundreds of channels on pay TV altogether!

Chapter 1: Average number of video services per person (1:18)

It’s hard to believe that the average person now uses almost seven video services regularly. Signs are the number will go higher.

Chapter 2:  As many watch 1+ hrs/day on OTT as live TV (2:48)

TiVo asked the 6000+ plus adults in their survey how much live TV and online video they watch. As many people watch live TV as OTT video. What’s more, 16% say they watch pretty much all their video OTT.

Chapter 3: Many more people find new shows on Netflix than on pay TV (3:53)

Far more survey respondents said they found new things to watch on Netflix than said the same for pay TV. As well, more nominated Prime Video and YouTube as the place they found new shows than pay TV.

There is one area where pay TV is still king: finding new episodes of shows people are currently watching. However, that could change soon with some SVOD services following a weekly release schedule for new episodes, rather than dropping all the episodes in one go.

Chapter 4: Roku is the king of U.S. connected TV, for now! (6:01)

About a third as many people say they use a smart TV to watch OTT than use a Roku streaming stick or player. However, about a third of smart TVs sold in the U.S. in 2019 were powered by Roku. In other words, Roku is still the king of connected TV in the U.S.

Amazon would like to change that. Fire TV sticks are the third most popular OTT TV device in the U.S. today. Amazon is working hard to recruit more smart TV manufacturers, soundbar OEMs, and retailers. It promises to have 150 Fire TV-powered devices in market by the end of the year.

There’s lots more vital industry data in the free TiVo Video Trends Report Q4 2019. You can also get the most up-to-date data, analysis, and opinion right in your inbox by signing up for the nScreenMedia newsletter.


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