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For operators getting into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) service aggregation business, keeping up with all those apps and updates is a severe problem. In this interview with Jeff Miller, the CEO of ActiveVideo, he talks about AppCloud, the company’s novel solution to the OTT app aggregation problem.

Chapter 1: The app management crisis (00:39)

Mr. Miller explains how the relatively simple act of putting the Netflix app on to a set-top box has ballooned into an unmanageable problem for pay TV operators.

Chapter 2: Isn’t Android TV the answer? (2:11)

Various solutions relieve operators from the burden of app management, including Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku. However, these all come with significant disadvantages for operators. Mr. Miller explains why.

Chapter 3: AppCloud’s novel approach to fixing the app management problem (3:03)

ActiveVideo has come up with a new approach to the problem, called AppCloud, that runs the D2C apps in the public cloud, using providers like AWS and Azure. D2C service providers can use the standard Android version of their app that they already produce to run in AppCloud.

D2C providers frequently update their apps multiple times each month. AppCloud makes it easy for the operator to keep up with all the changes.

Chapter 4: D2C video streams directly to the set-top box (5:08)

D2C providers want their video protected all the way to the client. They also want to receive all the user video interaction data. Mr. Miller explains how AppCloud can deliver on these needs even though the app and video player are running in the cloud, not on the set-top box.

Chapter 5: Does using AppCloud compromise performance? (6:04)

Running a native app on the device is commonly believed to be the best way to get excellent performance. Mr. Miller explains how running the app in the cloud outperforms common native app implementations.


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