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At the 2018 Future Television conference in Copenhagen, Colin gave a keynote presentation and was interviewed afterward on his key takeaways. Here is that interview.

Chapter 1: What was the most important point made on stage today? (0:25)

Traditional media executives are fully aware of the challenges and opportunities from online media. In Scandinavia, they are seeing the growth of global SVOD providers. Local media providers are launching home-grown SVOD services to challenge them.

Chapter 2: How has consumer behavior changed since last year? (1:18)

Consumers now consider OTT and SVOD services as just ‘TV.’ Where before it was a novelty, now it is the norm. As they spend more time online, they watch more content. The length of time people are watching and how they are watching is changing.

Chapter 3: What do we do well and how can we get better? (2:20)

We have reached a point in market maturity where people are not only looking to be available online, they are also seeking to be successful there. The Danish are adopting online video services faster than anyone else. The problem is because of these global SVOD services, local services are having trouble keeping up. Investing more in local services could combat this.


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