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How essential are Friends and The Office to Netflix viewers? Nielsen’s Matt O’Grady knows. He shared data with me showing that Netflix originals might hit the heights in viewership, but they just don’t sustain the audience that the TV classics do.

Chapter 1: The influence of TV content on SVOD success (0:51)

Future of TV Advertising GlobalMatt O’Grady is International Commercial Leader for Nielsen Global Media. I interviewed him at Mediatel’s The Future of TV Advertising Global Conference in London on December 11th, 2019. I asked him first to explain how vital TV content has been to SVOD’s success. Mr. O’Grady zeroed on the TV shows that are soon to leave Netflix for competitor services using Nielsen’s European and U.S. cross-platform viewing data to illustrate his points.

Chapter 2: Original and TV content viewing patterns on Netflix (1:50)

The viewing patterns for Netflix Original hits like Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black are very different from perennial TV favorites like Friends and Greys Anatomy. While the Netflix’ hits attract huge initial audiences, viewership quickly diminishes to tiny numbers. The TV favorites, on the other hand, sustain a consistent, sizable audience.

Chapter 3: TV broadcasters taking their content back (4:01)

With the impending launches of HBO Max and Peacock, AT&T and NBCU have decided to take their shows Friends and The Office back from Netflix.

Chapter 4: Why TV shows play better on BVOD (5:09)

Mr. O’Grady explains why the popular shows might do even better in the new services.

Chapter 5: How Nielsen gets the data (5:54)

Mr. O’Grady talks about how Nielsen cross-platform data is obtained for SVOD services in Europe. He also discusses which devices the company monitors and why.


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