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Major sports ratings are falling on broadcast and pay television as fans use YouTube to catch up on games they miss. A new highlight reel solution from Thuuz could help bring those sports fans back to television.

Chapter 1: New sports highlight reel platform (0:30)

In this interview with Warren Packard, Thuuz’ CEO, he explains that the company is known for providing excitement ratings, headlines, and notifications for sports media platforms. Thuuz’s new highlight reel solution can, in real-time, analyze sports events and deconstruct them into every meaningful play, possession, and sequence. It can then combine those clips with other sports metadata to build personalized highlight reels.

Chapter 2: An example of how it can be used (2:30)

Today, a sports fan can get a notification, powered by Thuuz, that a game of interest is getting exciting. If the operator has deployed Thuuz’ highlight reel solution, the fan can tune into the game, watch a 2-minute highlight reel to catch up, and then start watching the live game. The Thuuz approach gives the viewer the context for all the ensuing live action. It is a win-win for the operator, the rights holder, and the viewer.

Chapter 3: Works on a DVR too (4:10)

The Thuuz highlight reel approach works with live and VOD assets. AN operator could also deploy it on a network DVR or physical DVR in the home. It can enable the sports fan to create a custom highlight reel for themselves. For example, a baseball fan could request all the top plays from the previous week of baseball. Clips can also be selected based on the fans favorite teams, players, or their fantasy baseball team.

The approach fully supports monetization. Dynamic ad insertion or sponsorship can allow the operator or broadcaster to make money directly from the highlight reel.

Chapter 4: An antidote to falling TV sports ratings (5:50)

Consumers are increasingly going directly to YouTube for their sports highlights. However, the Thuuz approach is much better for the viewer because it provides a customized experience. The technique can be employed to help reverse falling ratings for sports on television and bring people back to pay TV.

Chapter 5: When will an operator deploy it (7:00)

Mr. Packard expects to see an operator deploy the solution in the fall of 2017.


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