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Penthera has just announced a new solution that lets ad-supported video service providers support one of the most popular SVOD features: video downloads.  In this interview, the company’s CRO explains how the solution works.

I interviewed Dan Hurwitz, Penthera’s Chief Revenue Officer at the VideoNuze Ad Summit, about the company’s new AVOD download solution video service providers.

Chapter 1: Why is download so hard for AVOD (1:00)

A year ago, during the company’s New Front presentation, a Hulu executive said it would introduce the ability for subscribers to download videos. More than a year later and the service still has not delivered the feature. Mr. Hurwitz explains why it is so hard to deliver an AVOD download solution.

Chapter 2: Seamlessly updating stale ads (2:06)

People often download a video but don’t get around to watching it for weeks. The Penthera solution checks if a new ad is available every time connectivity is re-established. The refreshed ad is inserted seamlessly when the viewer watches the video.

Chapter 3: Why download helps monetization (3:23)

One of the problems with AVOD services is that many ads are missed because of playback problems. Network and other problems can prevent the ad server from delivering the ad in time for it to be inserted and seen. Unfortunately, if an ad is not seen, it generates no revenue for the service provider. Mr. Hurwitz says a viewer will always see downloaded ads.

Chapter 4: Counting ads, integrating the solution (4:32)

Mr. Hurwitz explains how the solution ensures offline ad views are correctly reported. He also describes how the download solution fits in with existing video delivery systems.

Chapter 7: Why AVOD needs download to compete with SVOD (6:35)

82% of US streaming service users think download is an important feature, and 42% say they use the feature once a month or more. Without download, AVOD can’t match the experience delivered by SVOD solutions.


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