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nScreenNoise – Why Netflix targets 50+ streamers

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Older Americans are sticking with linear TV, right? Then why is Netflix paying top tier 50+ actors to make shows targeting their age peer group? It turns out older Americans are streaming almost as much as younger viewers.

Chapter 1: Older Americans stick with linear TV, right? (0:23)

There’s a reason 24-hour news channels are full of Depends and reverse mortgage ads. Older Americans are sticking with trad TV, right? Well, they still watch a lot of regular linear television, but their habits are changing too.

Chapter 2: Connected viewing growing more popular with 50+ (1:13)

As 50+ viewers reduce the amount of regular TV they are watching, they are increasing streaming. However, their screen of choice is still the TV.

Chapter 3: Netflix targets older viewers with top-notch shows (2:29)

Netflix is investing a lot in content that targets explicitly 50+ viewers. They are enlisting A-list actors such as Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Diane Keaton, and Morgan Freeman to do what they do best: make great shows and movies.

Perhaps it’s time for you to rethink your strategy for reaching the 110M Americans over 50.


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