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There were many reports in the news that Netflix Netherlands service had reached one million subscribers. No mean achievement in such a short time, if it is true. Unfortunately, on close inspection of the original data, it’s clear the company isn’t anywhere near that.

Comcast has noticed it has a problem with millennials and is moving to habituate the young to pay TV with free college services. (starts at 2:10 mins)

NimbleTV, the concierge television service, is expanding from New York into Chicago. What is a “concierge TV service” anyway? (starts at 3:30 mins)

This video is interactive. You can click on icons and images to get more information on the topics discussed. This feature is sponsored by Vinja.TV. (Note to Opera browser users: the interactive features do not work well in Opera. I suggested you use IE, Chrome or Firefox to view the video.)

Time: 5.52


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