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In this interview with Dan Fahy, VP of Commercial and Content Distribution at Viacom, he discusses how the company is meeting the needs of its young audience while supporting existing TV partners.

Chapter 1: A new DTC Service – MTV Plays (0:50)

Last fall, I spoke with Dan Fahy about how to convert free customers to paying subscribers. At Connected TV World Summit in London, I caught up with him to discuss Viacom’s new direct-to-consumer service, MTV Play. He discusses how to go after young people that are disengaging from TV without upsetting existing pay TV partners?

Chapter 2: How MTV Play compliments existing pay TV partners (3:10)

Far from unsettling existing partners, Mr. Fahy describes how the DTC service compliments existing TV distribution solutions.

Chapter 3: What content is in MTV Play (4:10)

Mr. Fahy describes how aligned the MTV Play content set is with the core MTV TV channel shows.

Chapter 4: Monetizing the content (4:40)

Subscription is the primary model used in MTV Play, but advertising is also important in the full entertainment solution.

Chapter 5: The big shows in MTV Play (5:30)

Mr. Fahy describes some of the more well-known titles available in MTV Play subscribers.


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