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Mobile video consumption continues to grow strongly throughout the world, but it is creating problems for content providers. Users like ads even less on mobile than TV, and the device are fragmenting TV attention more than ever.

Chapter 1: Mobile video usage around the world (0:40)

Chapter 2: US mobile video usage data (1:15)

Chapter 3: Resistance to ads on mobile (2:05)

Chapter 4: How to beat mobile ad resistance (3:30)

Chapter 5: Mobile habits disrupt TV viewing (4:30)

End: (7:40)

We have seen a lot of data on the progress of mobile video in the US lately. However, data on the rest of world is quite thin on the ground. Millward Brown‘s extensive 42 country, 13.5k consumer study goes a long way to rectify that. It turns out from Nigeria to Hungary, mobile video is occupying increasing amounts of viewing time. The company says that, on average, a third of a consumers video viewing time is on mobile. The smartphone is used over twice as much as the tablet by the average study participant.

In the US, though the tablet and smartphone are used about as often as each other, the tablet is preferred, particularly for long form video.

Millward Brown says there are challenges in delivering ads to mobile devices. Ads are viewed much less favorably on them than television. In particular, half of smartphone users have an unfavorable view of ads on their device. The company says there are things advertisers can do to improve the situation. Mainly they are to do with giving consumers control over the experience.

Strategy Analytics finds that mobile devices are increasingly taking us away from television. As mobile screen sizes increase, the devices become more attractive to watch video and to have with us while we watch TV. When you consider that far more apps are available for the smartphone than television, and the fact that they are very convenient to use, it is no surprise that television viewing is being impacted.



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