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nScreenNoise – Are the young ready to embrace over-the-air TV?

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Over-the-air TV grew strongly in 2018, but as pay-TV losses accelerate is the growth in OTA accelerating too? Are the young adopting the medium too?

Chapter 1: Where the pay-tv defectors are going (0:45)

Nielsen says that cable, satellite, and telco TV homes fell by 5.5M homes between June 2018 June 2019. How many of them went to over-the-air and how many went with online?

Chapter 2: Are the young ready to try over-the-air (2:16)

Most young people have never had to rely on antenna TV for their entertainment. Instead, most use online sources for their video entertainment. I examine U.S., UK, Germany, and Sweden data to figure out if there is any chance they will learn to love over-the-air.

You can find the free TV Universe report mentioned in the video at the nScreenMedia website.

Chapter 3: Where over-the-air has room to grow (5:12)

Over-the-air still has plenty of time to continue its resurgence. ChannelMaster says many users try to get by without live TV but return to it later. However, it seems unlikely that the young will come to OTA. OTA will have to go to them.


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