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As sports shut down, live sports advertising is scrambling to find a new way to reach the audience. Their problem could be the key to online providers finally tapping into the $70B TV ad market.

Chapter 1: Shelter-in-place impact on viewing (0:25)

Nielsen looked at other situations where groups of people were forced to stay at home for extended periods. It found a sizable increase in content watched.

Chapter 2: Impact on live sports (0:50)

Live sports have suffered greatly from the impact of the crisis. The situation could also force the cancellation of events for months into the future.

Chapter 3: TV sports advertising is big business (1:20)

The situation creates a short-term problem for live sports advertisers. In the next few months, they had planned to spend billions on sports advertising. Analysts Kantar Media and MoffettNathanson say the loss of some or all the spending will have a massive negative impact on sports broadcasters.

Chapter 4: Where TV advertisers can reach sports viewers (2:08)

Sports advertisers need to identify other routes to deliver their ads to viewers. Perhaps the most realistic opportunity is with the online free ad-supported TV (FAST) providers. They already have audiences in the tens of millions, and they should grow even more as people spend most of their time at home over the next few weeks.

Chapter 5: FAST ads different from TV ads (3:45)

FAST provider video ads differ from TV ads in several essential ways. The differences could give them an advantage over traditional TV channels.

Chapter 5: The TV ad dollar move online could be permanent (4:25)

The emergency could keep large numbers of people stuck inside their homes for weeks or even months. That is more than enough time to change habits and prove if online video ads are effective. In other words, the Corona Virus crisis could have far-reaching effects on live sports advertising and the video entertainment industry. It may even accelerate the move of TV ad dollars online.

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