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Facebook announced a suite of tools this week aimed at helping TV producers make their content more engaging. At the same time, the site is a video delivery powerhouse that could be detracting from TV. Should TV producers work with them anyway?

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebooks Vice President of EMEA, says that TV and the social network are “happy bedfellows”. She cites work the company did with Sky to enhance ad recall to justify the claim. She also says that the company wants to be an even better resource for TV producers. It has announced a set of tools designed to improve engagement with TV shows both on television screens and on mobile through the Facebook app.

However, it could be that Facebook is hurting TV more than it is helping. The social network is the second most popular video site online, driving 4B video views a day. 76% of US adults are watching TV with a second screen in hand, and much of what they are doing on those devices has nothing to do with television. Many are visiting Facebook, where they watch video which distracts them from TV viewing.

It’s clear why Facebook wants TV producers to enhance their presence on the social site. The company relies on advertising revenue, and nothing drives ads like television. TV producers cannot be happy about this situation, because they see none of this social ad revenue which their content helps generate. Yet many of their TV viewers are using the site, even during the broadcast of their programs on television.

What should TV producers do?

Chapter 1: Facebook TV producer tools (0:30)

Chapter 2: Multiscreening and Facebook (2:00)

Chapter 3: Facebook improves ad recall (3:00)

Chapter 4: Facebook a distraction to TV viewers (4:00)

Chapter 5: Should TV producers work with Facebook (5:10)

Chapter 6: End (6:30)


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